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Ever looked at a loan file and wished you knew exactly what to do from the time you received it until it closed? You know in your heart that there has to be an easy way to get a mortgage loan from application to closing. Something inside you tells you that the delays you see on file, after file are unnecessary. But more than anything else, you want more balance between your career and personal life. You want to see your loans approved without having to clear a mountain of underwriting conditions first. You want to get home at a "normal" time and truly enjoy your day off.

The Loan Processing Dilemma

After helping thousands of mortgage professionals streamline their loan processing techniques, avoid unnecessary delays and close more loans faster, I feel like I just might know you pretty well:

  • You're fairly new to the industry or returning to it and really want to fast-track your success
  • Sometimes you are unclear about what documents are relevant versus what is unnecessary for your loan file to be approved.
  • You feel frustrated when you think you "got it right" then still receive a mountain of underwriting conditions on your file.
  • You have a tough time finding the information you need to validate your loan file or clear conditions quickly.
  • You experience unexpected problems when interacting with the borrowers, realtors and vendors.
  • You're tired of missing out on good times with family and friends because you are working on problem files.
  • You are at the point of burnout from weeks (or months) of extinguishing one fire after another.​ 
  • You know you need to eat better and take your break daily but you worry that your production will suffer
  • At the end of the day, you realize you didn't accomplish things that are essential for your loans to close on time
  • You want to exceed your production and income goals but no one around you seems to have a clue!

If this sounds like you or someone on your team, you have come to the right place! 

At one point or another, practically every one of our course participants were where you are now. I understand your struggle and how important your career and clients are to you. Intellectually, you know that there is a better way! Yet, without a break in the work load, you keep experiencing chaos. Wasting time, losing money and feeling more and more frustrated is far from the success you imagined. If nothing changes, the stress and overwhelm will take a toll on your finances, relationships and your physical well-being.

Helping Mortgage Professionals Excel on the Job
I'm Stephanie, the Peak Performance Coach here at Complete Mortgage Processing. For more than 30 years, I have worked with mortgage professionals like you who want to become confident, fast and efficient with loan processing in weeks rather than years.


It's no secret that the mortgage industry has become a revolving door for people who just can't figure out the nuances of the business. Everybody knows somebody who used to be a loan officer or loan processor. You may even know someone who threw in the towel out of frustration.

Let's not kid ourselves, if you are going to be successful in this industry, you must know how to get a loan from application to closing without creating chaos at the office or misery in the borrower's life.
Easy Loan Processing Solutions

Comprehensive Training  All In One Place 

What is missing from many residential loan offices is a comprehensive training program. While many people have good intentions and plan to provide extensive training, all too often it never happens. 

When there is a system in place for team members to get quality, real-world training, it's a definite game-changer. Suddenly, you can take a day off to be where you want and with who you want. Experienced team members won't complain about being behind on their own files because they were trying to help the new guy. New team members will catch on faster, be more confident and experience a much shorter learning curve.

Just Imagine...

  • Being so fast and efficient at processing that your loans close in half the time they used to
  • Getting a new file and feeling clear about what to do next even if you never had this situation before
  • Returning to work as a processor after a long hiatus and easily stepping into the flow of things
  • Getting a file from underwriting marked "clear-to-close" on the first go round
  • Being on top of your pipeline without sacrificing lunches/breaks, off-days, holidays and family time
  • Being resourceful enough to manage unexpected issues quickly and still close on time
  • Hiring new processors and getting them up to speed in weeks rather than months or years
  • Having reliable go-to resources at your fingertips to help you process efficiently

The truth is...

You only get these kind of results when you place the same importance on developing loan processing skills as you do on pursuing new clients.

Welcome to Loan Processing School!
Complete Mortgage Processing specializes in the art of loan processing. Whether you are new to mortgage industry or returning after a long hiatus, our Winter training class can help you get up to speed. Our coursework  breaks down the complex world of loan processing into simple, practical lessons that can be implemented right away to land that new job or excel at your current one. Our streamlined education portal provides in-depth training on topics that will virtually guarantee your success. When you register for the Winter Semester of Loan Processing School, you get an all-access pass to both our Loan Processing Solutions training and invaluable success tips for Contract Loan Processors.
  1. Loan Processing Solutions
    Learn the secret to submitting clean, problem-free files for underwriting approval. Discover alternative ways to document your loan file when traditional methods fall short or take too long. Eliminate file confusion so you can take action on your files faster, more consistently and with better results.
  2. Contract Processor Tips
    We started in the industry decades ago as a nationwide contract mortgage loan processing company. We compiled the best contract processor lessons and strategies to help you succeed fast. We know exactly what it takes to thrive as a contract loan processor as well as the reason so many fail. You don't want to miss this training.
  3. Interactive Lessons
    We all know that loan processing is a hands-on job. Our training helps you become proficient by providing real-world assignments that strengthen your skills. Learn more about compliance issues specific to your region. Become proficient at analyzing credit. Learn what is important when reviewing file docs and much more.
Why Loan Processing School?

We created this training portal for mortgage professionals who recognize that comprehensive, real-world loan processing training is vital to their success. In an effort to meet you right where you are now, we created lessons that will move you from basic to advanced skill levels in the shortest amount of time. 

It has always been important to us to shine a bright light on the myth that loan approval is a mysterious process where the loan officer and borrower are at the mercy of the underwriter.  During our years as a nationwide contract loan processing company, we gained first-hand knowledge of what it really takes to close loans with speed and efficiency. Our years of work with hundreds of lenders and thousands of mortgage professionals gives us a unique perspective that only comes from doing the work. 

In contrast to other mortgage industry training, our class is designed specifically to meet the unique challenges that arise during file processing. Using real-world examples, we give you reliable solutions to help you get the job done. By the time you finish Loan Processing School, you will know exactly what to do to avoid chaos and delays with your loan files.

Our training compliments a variety of origination and processing platforms. We focus on core principles that are essential no matter where you are in the country. You can say good-bye to frustration on the job and an unnecessarily long learning curve. In order to guarantee that we can support you through this journey, we limit the number of participants in the class. Be sure to register early to save your spot!

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The Loan Processing Solutions Curriculum
MODULE 1: COMPLIANCE - Rules You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble

It’s one thing to know the name of the regulations you are told to follow and yet another to be clear on what actions you need to take to be in compliance with those regulations. In our Compliance Module, we will cover the important aspects of compliance from licensing, to documentation, to communication with borrowers. By the end of Module I, you will know:

  • Important compliance terms, acronyms and action steps required to be in sync
  • Industry resources that help you stay current with compliance changes
  • TRID and other regulations that impact the way industry professionals do business
  • How compliance regulations impact your interaction with the borrower 
  • Compliance violations that your peers have been sanctioned for
  • And more...

MODULE 2: CREDIT QUALITY - Understanding the Relationship Between a  Borrower's Credit Profile and Loan  Approval

When it comes to loan approval, it is important for the borrower's credit profile to be in alignment with the loan program requirements. Knowing how to document a borrower's history to demonstrate that they are credit-worthy is an invaluable loan processing skill. By the end of Module 2, you will know:

  • How to read ANY credit report
  • How to analyze your borrower’s credit profile
  • How to document the resolution of credit issues in a loan file
  • How to identify credit red flags that indicate fraud or potential problems
  • How credit scores are derived and what increases or lowers a score
  • Standard home loan credit requirements
  • And more...

MODULE 3: LOAN PROCESSING RESOURCES - Tools for Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency

There is always more than one way to get the job done. When it comes to loan processing, getting the job done quickly and efficiently is second to none! In this module, we will discuss a variety of resources that help you keep things flowing in the right direction. By the end of Module 3, you will know:
  • Several research tools you can use to verify the 1003 data quickly
  •  How to find missing information with or without the borrower's help  The basic resources that every great processor has in their toolkit
  • How to get the most out of your existing resources
  • How to easily obtain data and get cooperation quickly
  • Multiple options for verifying the borrower's  employment  

MODULE 4: EFFICIENT FILE PROCESSING - The Secret to Getting It Right the First Time

More often than not, a file that experiences a significant delay (or even a denial) in underwriting should have been scrapped or repackaged before it ever crossed the underwriter’s desk.  Having the skill to thoroughly evaluate a file and address potential issues early-on is a must for quick turn-around time. In this section, we will discuss what can be done during processing to eliminate pipeline chaos. By the end of Module 4 you will know:

  • How to use processing checkpoints to quickly identify and address potential file problems
  • Easy ways to get what you need for your file
  • How to prioritize and calendar your activities to ensure that your file closes and funds on time
  • How to design an efficient loan flow system
  • How to conduct a final review before submission to underwriting

MODULE 5: UNDERWRITING CHECKPOINTS - What You Need to Know for Faster Approval

Tired of getting clobbered with mountains of underwriting conditions? Still avoiding phone calls and emails from anxious borrowers? If your gut tells you “there’s got to be a better way!” you are right! In this module, you will learn exactly what you need to know to shave days (maybe even weeks) off of your underwriting time. By the end of Module 5, you will know:

  • The red flags that underwriters are trained to look for (and how to avoid them)
  • How to expedite your file underwriting with any lender
  • Important points about DU and LP approvals
  • Common title and appraisal issues
  • What to do when you encounter underwriting problems
  • How to make sure your loan is approved and funded on time

MODULE 6: ADVANCED LOAN PROCESSING - Working with Self-employed Borrowers, Jumbo Loans and Investment Property Files

Even if you have processed loans for years, you may not have experienced enough variety to become proficient with self-employed borrowers, jumbo loans and rental income property deals. In Module 6, you will learn some of the important points to remember for these types of files. By the end of Module 6, you will know:

  • Common charachteristics of the self-employed borrower profile
  • How to validate self-employment history for underwriting
  • How to read and analyze self-employment income documents
  • Characteristics of jumbo loan files
  • Situations to be mindful of for jumbo loans
  • Documentation and underwriting requirements for rental income properties and more...

MODULE 7: STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS - How to Eliminate Overwhelm and Achieve Your Career Goals

We know that being presented with so much loan processing information can be overwhelming. To help you on your way, we gathered the essential elements from all of the modules and put them together in handy manuals that you can review online or print out and use as a desk reference. In Module 7, you find lots of helpful resources including:

  • Desk reference manuals
  •  Ask-the-Mortgage Trainer Q & A
  • ·Tip sheets and resource links
  • ·More  Video tips
  • ·Test your knowledge quizzes
  • Final Quiz Study Sheet
  •  And more...


Being a contract loan processing can be a very lucrative business venture. It can also be the fastest way to crash and burn in the mortgage industry. That may sound a little harsh but none the less it's the truth! We traveled that road and learned some cool secrets. Now, we are ready to share them with you.


In an effort to keep you on the fast track, we have some hands-on exercises that will really help you get a feel for some of the loan processing tasks. You can also test your knowledge with interactive quizzes. You will also find a few cool bonuses in the form of e-books, charts and checklists to help you along the way.

 What Past Students Are Saying...

The entire process for class is easy and tech-friendly.

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  3. You can access your lessons anytime on/after DEC 5TH .  Once your registration payment is processed,  you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to access the course content. Registration closes DECEMBER 15, 2018
  4. You will receive access to the all training modules the day that class starts. This will allow you to progress through the class at your own pace.
  5. The course content is delivered in video format along with PDF documents and interactive lessons.
  6. ​Instructor support is available via email.
  7.  Got questions? Send us an email to [email protected] 

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