It's Easy to Accomplish Even If You Are New, Overwhelmed or Need a Refresher​​
We believe that 95% of mortgage loan processing problems are unnecessary and can be totally eliminated.   It's what drives us to share our knowledge and resources. We know from experience that delays caused by errors, missing information and a mountain of underwriting conditions can quickly become a thing of the past. 

We believe in an intuitive approach to loan processing training.  This belief inspired us to design a user-friendly, online course that makes complex mortgage loan processing principles easy to understand. It is a flexible yet effective approach that factors in the position and the unique needs of each participant. Whether you are a loan officer, processor or support team member, we can help you improve your productivity.

The Loan Processing Dilemma

Have you ever looked at a loan file and wished you knew exactly what to do from the time you received it until it closed? Are you disappointed to discover that your mentor doesn't have the time to train you thoroughly? You know in your heart that there has to be an easier way to get a mortgage loan processed than what you are observing. You are absolutely right!

There's no need to experience daily struggles that leave you:

  • Unclear about what documents are really necessary for your loan file to be approved.
  • Feeling frustrated  because you thought you "got it right" then still received a mountain of underwriting conditions on your file.
  • Having a tough time finding the information you need to validate your file or clear conditions.
  • Facing unexpected problems while working with borrowers, realtors and vendors.
  • Tired of missing out on good times with friends because you're dealing with problem files.

We have all been there! The truth is, if nothing changes, the stress and overwhelm will take a toll on your finances, relationships and your physical well-being. What can you do?
Reliable Loan Processing Solutions
What is missing from many residential loan offices is a comprehensive training program. While many people have good intentions and plan to provide extensive training, all too often it never happens. 

When there is a system in place for team members to get quality, real-world training, it's a definite game-changer. Suddenly, you can take a day off to be where you want and with who you want. Experienced team members won't complain about being behind on their own files because they were trying to help the new guy. New team members will catch on faster, be more confident and experience a much shorter learning curve.

Can You Imagine...

  • Being so fast and efficient at processing that your loans close in half the time they used to
  • Getting a new file and feeling clear about what to do even if you never had this situation before
  • Returning to work as a processor after a long hiatus and easily stepping into the flow of things
  • Getting a file from underwriting marked "clear-to-close" on the first go round
  • Being on top of your pipeline without sacrificing lunches/breaks, off-days and family time
  • Being resourceful enough to manage unexpected issues quickly and still close on time
  • Hiring new processors and getting them up to speed in weeks rather than months or years
  • Having reliable go-to resources at your fingertips to help you process efficiently

The truth is...

You only get these kind of results when you place the same importance on developing loan processing skills as you do on pursuing new clients.

Welcome to Loan Processing School!
Complete Mortgage Processing specializes in the art of loan processing. Whether you are new to mortgage industry or returning after a long hiatus, our training classes can help you get up to speed. Our coursework  breaks down the complex world of loan processing into simple, practical lessons that can be implemented right away to land that new job or excel at your current one. Our streamlined education portal provides in-depth training on topics that will virtually guarantee your success.

When you register for How to Become a Loan Processor, you learn essential strategies for finding employment, acing the job interview and making the most of your first 90 days as a mortgage loan processor.  When you register for our Loan Processing Solutions class, you get seven self-study modules that take you from basic to advanced loan processing principles. As a bonus, we include our How to Be a Loan Processor course plus invaluable success tips for Contract Loan Processors. If you need a little help along the way the instructor is available by phone or email. NOTE: Choose the Loan Processing Solutions course if you require a certificate of completion that demonstrates proficiency in loan processing principles.

Need a General Overview of What It is Like to Work as a Processor?
Register for "HOW TO BECOME A LOAN PROCESSOR" course 


MODULE 1: Roles & Responsibilities in Loan Processing - A loan processor plays many roles in the home loan process depending on the company and market it serves. This module highlights what you need to know about loan processing before you begin your job search.

MODULE 2: Effective Job Search Strategies - Some jobs ask for 3-5 years of experience.  Find out how to leverage your existing skills to land a job even when you are new to the industry or returning after a hiatus.

MODULE 3:   Making the Most of Your First 90 Days  - Loan processing is fast paced and you need to learn the job quick. This module covers the essential skills you will want to master during your first 90 days to ensure a successful career.

MODULE 4:    Tips and Resources for Long Term Success - The mortgage industry can be like a revolving door if you are not working smart. Learn best practices and success tips to keep your career on track.

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Need to Be Proficient and Improve Your Performance Fast?
Includes Certificate of Completion After Final Quiz and
  1. Loan Processing Solutions
    Learn the secret to submitting clean, problem-free files for underwriting approval. Discover alternative ways to document your loan file when traditional methods fall short or take too long. Eliminate file confusion so you can take action on your files faster, more consistently and with better results.
  2. Contract Processor Tips
    We started in the industry decades ago as a nationwide contract mortgage loan processing company. We compiled the best contract processor lessons and strategies to help you succeed fast. We know exactly what it takes to thrive as a contract loan processor as well as the reason so many fail. You don't want to miss this training.
  3. Interactive Lessons
    We all know that loan processing is a hands-on job. Our training helps you become proficient by providing real-world assignments that strengthen your skills. Learn more about compliance issues specific to your region. Become proficient at analyzing credit. Learn what is important when reviewing file docs and much more.
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  1. You have the option to pay the full course tuition fee or spread payments out for the Loan Processing Solutions course. The Pay-in-Full fee is less than the total for the Payment Plan option.
  2. When you sign up by paying the tuition fee, you will receive a registration confirmation via email.
  3. Access your lessons anytime .  Once your registration payment is processed,  you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to access the course content. This course is for one person and is not transferrable after the content has been accessed.
  4. You will receive access to the all training modules the first week that class starts. This will allow you to progress through the class at your own pace.
  5. The course content is delivered in video format along with PDF documents and interactive lessons.
  6. ​Instructor support is available via email.
  7.  Got questions? Send us an email to [email protected] 


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  1. Each class is deliver completely online.
  2. Course content is accessible 24 hours per day.
  3. You can study wherever you have an Internet connection.
  4. The "How to Become a Loan Processor" course is for people. who are new to the mortgage industry or new to the job of loan processing. Instructor support is available by email.
  5. The "Loan Processing Solutions" course is ideal for people who are already working in  or returning to the mortgage industry and want to improve their job performance fast. Instructor support is available by email or phone.
  6. You will receive a certificate of completion for our "Loan Processing Solutions" course with a passing score of 80% or more on the final quiz.
  7. There is no certificate available with our "How to Become a Loan Processor" course.

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