Q. My performance is not what it needs to be for me to feel secure in my job. I am in a state of constant worry about my struggle with loan processing concepts and my inability to keep up. What should I do before I am in trouble at work?

A.  This is a common problem for many loan processors. Often times, processors are hired in times of transition or crisis and expected to “catch on” very quickly. If thorough training is not provided, the loan processor’s performance begins to suffer almost immediately. Soon, the processor becomes the Fall Guy (or Fall Gal) for internal problems that existed long before their arrival. In the past, we encountered a custom training client who had serious operational issues that were mistaken for loan processing problems. Unfortunately, no amount of loan processor training could adequately address the changes that were required for that business to thrive.

If you find yourself in this situation, what should you do? There many viable options. Choose one that enables you to stay true to yourself. Take action on the choice that will preserve your physical and mental health and your financial stability. Here are a few suggestions to help you transcend this dilemma:

Do a little research to learn what the real problem is. Is it a staffing shortage? Is it a knowledge issue? Don’t be fooled by industry veterans who are clueless. You will often find that they rode the entire way on someone else’s coat tail. Is it a communication issue? Is your employer in hot water with a lender or out of compliance with state regulations? Is it a technology or customer service issue? Once you identify the real issue, you can move forward within the company confidently or start a new job search.

If you want to stay, get help immediately! Open up the dialogue with your peers and managers to determine what (if anything) is already being done to improve conditions at work. Often times, things can be modified to give you the help you need. This is often the case with many of our course participants. When meet them at a time when they are being given the opportunity to get up to speed with loan processing utilizing our loan processing training resources. 

The more creative you are, the easier it will be to accelerate your career as a loan processor. Many students reported starting out as a secretary, a receptionist, an assistant or a set-up person just to get their foot in the door. Once a loan processing position opened, they registered for CMP training to enhance their knowledge for both the interview process and the new job. The possibilities are endless when you are certain that you have what it takes.

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