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Loan Processor In-a-Box® for In-House Processors & Loan Officers: This handy guide is a must for every loan processor’s desk. It’s filled with great processing tips that help take away the stress and frustration that’s common to the mortgage industry. Whether you work independently or as part of a team, with Loan Processor In-a-Box® you can:

  • Clear up some of the most confusing aspects of loan processing
  • Get organized so you can process quicker and easier
  • Know what to look for when reviewing income and asset documentation
  • Learn how to work harmoniously with other team members during processing and underwriting
  • Understand the various options you have for validating information on the 1003
  • Feel more confident when reviewing and addressing credit report issues
  • Learn how to analyze preliminary title reports and appraisals
  • Learn how to make sure your loan funds on time
  • Learn how to resolve issues quickly when things go wrong
  • And more...

Purchase includes 3 Thinking Green Bonus Training modules as a thank you for helping us stay earth-friendly:

  1- Loan Setup               2 - Understanding the GFE            3 - 5 Secrets to Quick Loan Closings 
Without a Good System, You're Bound to Fall OUT of Love with Contract Loan Processing...

There's loan processing and then there's CONTRACT loan processing. If you've ever been involved in the latter, you know, it's a horse of a different color!  All the wonder and excitement you felt as an in-house processor can fall by the wayside if you set yourself up with insufficient knowledge, low-quality equipment and unreliable resources. 

At Complete Mortgage Processing, we know that you can be the best in-house processor in town and still fail at contract loan processing. That's why we developed the nation's first training book dedicated to ensuring the 
success of those who take on the challenge. Loan Processor In-a-Box ® for Contract Loan Processors is a 
comprehensive guide that refreshes your processing skills AND gives you tremendous insight on what it takes 
to operate independently and efficiently.  Whether you elect to be a solo project or part of a dynamic contract 
loan processing team,  with Loan Processor In-a-Box ®for Contract Loan Processors , you can:

  • Gain valuable insight on how to get your business off the ground
  • Have access to great tips for marketing your services
  • Learn what resources to have on hand and why
  • Create a support system with or without employees
  • Learn what skills are critical for your success
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with originators and mortgage brokers
  • Sharpen your processing skills in areas that are new or uncommon
  • Learn how to submit a quality file
  • Learn how to get cooperation from lenders and vendors
  • Learn how to handle file problems and unique situations
  • Stop worrying about how and when you’ll get paid
  • And more...

Looking to Keep Your Head in the Game When it Comes to Credit? 

Whether you're a mortgage industry professional or a borrower, you should be "in-the-know" when it comes to credit. Understanding how credit scores work and what you can do to affect them can go a long way in helping you be prepared for the home loan process. If you're struggling to rebuild your credit or are feeling like a victim of today's economy, it's definitely time to Sharpen Your Credit IQ. Once you know the rules, you will feel empowered to enough to:

  • Ask for information that you once thought you weren't allow to know
  • Put a stop to harrassment from creditors
  • Challenge inaccuracies to have them corrected or removed
  • Manage your credit profile 
  • Repair your own credit - for FREE
  • Prepare yourself before you apply for a credit approval
  • And more...

Loan Processing Solutions - Online Class

We invite you to join us for our next training class, Loan Processing Solutions. Our online Loan Processing Solutions training class is delivered in 7-powerful, interactive modules that will help move you from loan processing doubt, confusion and delays to loan processing with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Here’s what you can expect from this power-packed series:

Module 1: Regulatory Compliance:   What You Need to Know to Keep Your Head in the Game
Module 2: Credit Quality: Making the Grade for Loan Approval
Module 3: Loan Processing Resources:  The Quest for Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency
Module 4:  Analyzing and Preparing Your Loan File:   The Secret to Getting It Right the First Time
Module 5Underwriting Checkpoints:  Easy Ways to Expedite the Loan Approval Process
Module 6: Advanced Loan ProcessingSelf Employed, Jumbo and Rental Property Loans
Module 7:  Loan Processing Quick Start: Getting It Right the First Time

PLUS many more training bonuses!! Click here to learn more or add this class to your cart using the tuition payment button on the left

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Note: Tuition payments for digital media classes/training are non-refundable. 
Train the Mortgage Trainer Program
Contract Loan Processor Business Training
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114 page ebook + Bonuses
For $107.00 you receive a 133 page ebook geared specifically to contract loan processing + 3 Bonuses
99 page ebook + Bonuses
Includes our Thinking Green Bonus Training as a thank you for helping us stay earth-friendly:

 1 -Loan Setup              2 - Understanding the GFE            3- 5 Secrets to Quick Loan Closings 

PLUS... A CMP student favorite: The Contract Processors Marketing Kit
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