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What does it take to create a winning mortgage production team? In our experience with nearly 4,000 mortgage professionals we have learned that it takes 3 important things:

  • Originators committed to excellence,
  • Great technology and
  • A knowledgeable processing team equipped with the resources they need to be efficient and fast.

There's no doubt about the fact that loan origination and loan processing go hand-in-hand. Both have to be strong in order to meet production goals easily and consistently.  In far too many instances, all the focus is put on acquisition/sales side while processing suffers tremendously. The end result is unnecessary delays, unhappy homeowners and burned out processing staff. 

There is a better way! Comprehensive, real-world processing training is  just a click away. Let us bridge the gap so you can get back on track fast!
Whether you are new to mortgage industry or returning after a long hiatus, we can help you get up to speed. Our training  breaks down the complex world of loan processing into simple, practical lessons that can be implemented right away to land that new job or excel at your current one. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you can start learning right away.
We know that choosing the right training course for yourself or a colleague can be a tough decision. It's perfectly normal to have lots of questions running through your mind.  We are standing by to answer any questions you may have. You can get a few immediate answers by checking out the FAQ section or reach out to us using the contact button below.
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Training: Basic Processing Skills

Training: In-Depth Knowledge

There are many levels of loan processing. The first step in becoming a loan processor is knowing what level you wish to start at or be promoted to. The level of training you take should be a match for the level of responsibility you will have. For support staff or loan officer assistant, you may be fine with light training such as an e-book overview or a shorter course covering the basics like compliance, credit and loan set-up. If your job will entail greater responsibilities, we recommend that you take a full, comprehensive course that includes more advanced loan processing principles.. 
When you really need to know  core loan processing principles, we recommend that you take the full comprehensive course which includes 7 in-depth modules. This  comprehensive course starts with the basics then goes deep with file anaylsis, processing checkpoints  and underwriting. It concludes with a review of less common loan scenarios that are a must know to really excel at loan processing. The best part of this training is that it comes with access to the instructor and personalized feedback for homework and other questions you need answers to along the way.

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Do you know what it takes to get a new processor up to speed? Watch the video below to find out.
More Closings. Less Chaos.
"When it comes to mortgage loan processing training, we know exactly what it takes to go from application to closing without the typical delays experienced in the industry every day."


"Thanks so very much! Your course was instrumental in my success as a processor at USAA" - Kelly 

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Our Participants Have Come From Banks, Credit Unions, Finance Companies and Broker Firms Across the USA.
These are just a few of the clients we have helped to increase their level of processing speed and efficiency.

USAA Bank- Texas
First State Bank – West Virginia
National Bank of Commerce - Wisconsin
Liberty Bank of Utah - Utah
Mountain One - Massachusetts
Heritate Bank – Kentucky/Tennessee
South Carolina Federal Credit Union -South Carolina
Pacific Funding – California
Access Banc – California

Meyers Capital – Hawaii
Best Cap – Nevada
Fairway Independent Mortgage – Indiana
Platfund Mortgage – Tennessee
O’Brien Realty – Maryland
First Integrity Mortgage - Alabama
and many, many more...

BayCal Financial – California
Brookstone Mortgage – Minnesota
Top Fund Financial – Ohio
McConnell Group – Massachusetts
Summit Mortgage – Oregon
eCommerce Bank – Texas
RC Home Loans – Ohio
Financial Concept Mortgage – Oklahoma
Southwest Funding – Florida
People’s Home Equity – Wisconsin