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I teach a processing class at a local Junior College in my town. I needed something fresh and new to give my ongoing students. Loan processing in a box was it! I had a great experience with the package and it made my classroom time much easier. The information was precise and easy. My students were able to understand the context and I had good results in the whole teaching, quiz, and test procedure. THANK YOU!

Shirley W., Illinois                    
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More Than What I Paid For...

This is the first time in a long time that I can say I got more than what I paid for. I tried to connect with someone else who had been in the mortgage business for a long time and they told me they didn't have time for so many questions and recommended that I learn to "fake it" like everybody else. I sent the same questions to you and got answers right away.

"I have many years’ experience of mortgage processing, but have been out of the business for over 10 years. I needed a source where I could refresh my processing knowledge and find a support system for any questions I may have.  After careful consideration, I decided to take classes through Complete Mortgage Processing over other schools. I found the information and modules offered to be a valuable source of information and easy to understand. My instructor, Stephanie Graham is extremely knowledgeable and helpful providing me with a wealth of information."

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Companies Across the Nation Come to Us for Loan Processing Training
These are just a few of the companies our current and past participants are from...

USAA Bank- Texas
First State Bank – West Virginia
National Bank of Commerce - Wisconsin
Liberty Bank of Utah - Utah
Mountain One - Massachusetts
Heritate Bank – Kentucky/Tennessee
South Carolina Federal Credit Union -South Carolina
Pacific Funding – California
Access Banc – California
BayCal Financial – California
Brookstone Mortgage – Minnesota
Top Fund Financial – Ohio
McConnell Group – Massachusetts
Summit Mortgage – Oregon
eCommerce Bank – Texas
RC Home Loans – Ohio
Financial Concept Mortgage – Oklahoma
Southwest Funding – Florida
People’s Home Equity – Wisconsin

Meyers Capital – Hawaii
Best Cap – Nevada
Fairway Independent Mortgage – Indiana
Platfund Mortgage – Tennessee
O’Brien Realty – Maryland
First Integrity Mortgage - Alabama
and more...