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About Us

The Early Years

We began our journey as a nationwide contract processing company back in 1997. Complete Mortgage Processing was founded on the simple belief that we had discovered the cause of "broker pipeline nightmares" and could solve it.  At the time, loans took months (not weeks) to move from application to closing. The fallout was unbelievable! Our brokers had boxes and boxes of denied files   It was incredibly frustrating to watch as hundreds of loans entered the pipeline only to be suspended or denied in underwriting (and in the worst cases,  withdrawn by a homeowner who was fed up with delays). It was clear that there was a huge knowledge gap when it came to loan processing. Our team went to work and created a system that could significantly reduce paperwork, underwriting conditions and most importantly, the amount of time it took a to fund a loan. We sent a mailing to offer our services to newly licensed brokers. In no time, the phones were ringing non-stop with requests for immediate help.​

Transitioning from File Processing to Corporate Training

For many years, we processed files for loan officers, attorneys and financial institutions while collecting data for training purposes. When we relocated across country, it gave us the opportunity to focus all of our attention on training.  We finalized our flagship tool, the Loan Processor-in-a-Box workbook and began delivering straining at mortgage companies, libraries and title companies. Next, we became training providers in Nevada and Texas. While searching for an event location in Nevada, we were invited to be a part of the evening curriculum at College of Southern Nevada (CSN). The department coordinator requested  an exclusive offering for CSN and our Loan Processing Solutions course was born! After our contract expired, we expanded the course and invited mortgage professionals to experience the new version of the course online. Since that time is has become our most requested training.

Loan Processing Training Today

As technology improved, we shifted from live/in-person classes to online training. This allowed us to expand our reach from coast to coast. Over the years, we have enjoyed working with thousands of mortgage professionals. We take pleasure in knowing that each person trained can positively impact hundreds (and possible thousands) of others. Feel free to take a look around this site and sample some of our training content . If you are interested in beginning or enhancing your mortgage industry career, we invite you join us for an upcoming class.

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