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We consider ourselves as industry experts when it comes to Mortgage Loan Processing training. We know exactly what it takes to go from application to closing without the typical problems and delays that many mortgage professionals experience on a daily basis. It didn't come easy though. In our early years, we spent a lot of time talking with industry professionals, studying tools and resources and testing the water with hundreds of underwriters to see what really made a difference. The end result was the development of an efficient, easy-to-understand system that allowed us to submit a fully documented loan to underwriting and receive it back "clear-to-close" with ZERO conditions. When that happened we knew we were on to something big!

Under the tutelage of peak performance trainer, Stephanie Graham, we offer a variety of self-study options for mortgage professionals to enhance their career. Stephanie has spent nearly 3 decades working, teaching and coaching in the finance industry. She is the author and creator of all of the Complete Mortgage Processing training systems, including Loan Processing Solutions and Loan Processor In-a-Box. The same classes that were delivered live at colleges, title companies and libraries are now available to you online.

We're excited to be a part of your growth and look forward to helping you succeed!

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A bit about Complete Mortgage Processing…

Loan Processing Solutions is your answer to the problems that delay loan processing and ultimately hinder underwriting and closing.Our Loan Processing Solutions class is a comprehensive training course that provides students with a complete overview of the core concepts required to be proficient at mortgage loan processing.